How do I make a long-term booking?

It's just as easy as making a short-term booking, all you have to do is choose a wider date range. You can read our article on how to make a booking here.

If you decide to stay for longer you can also extend your booking


If you make a long-term booking that lasts 2-months or more, you’ll only be charged the first month's payment up-front and the rest will be collected in monthly instalments.

First payment up-front

Once you’ve made a long-term booking, you’ll be charged for the first month of your stay up-front. We’ll hold this payment until 48 hours after the first day of parking before giving it to the space owner.

Payment for future months

After the first day of parking, we’ll charge you monthly, using the same payment method, for the duration of your booking. In other words, you won’t make a second payment until approximately one month after your first parking day. The monthly price you pay is locked at the beginning of the booking.

You can see your total booking cost and successful payments made by selecting the booking from the 'My Bookings' page.

Cancellation policy

The Long-term Cancellation Policy is automatically applied to all long-term bookings of 14 days or more and will be refunded accordingly.

Note: It is currently not possible to make a long-term multi-date bookings (e.g. every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the week)

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