Parking Peace of Mind - How does it work?

The safety of your vehicle and reducing the burden of insurance claims is really important. That’s why, when making a booking and opting for Parking Peace of Mind through JustPark for a private parking space, we refund 100% of the excess fee* of your successful insurance claim on your motor insurance policy in the event your vehicle is damaged. 


This is done for the small fee of £0.19 per hour on top of your regular booking price. So, if your booking is £10 for 5 hours, the overall price will be £10.95. Here’s a quick breakdown of that cost:

  • Booking = £10
  • Insurance at £0.19 per/hour x 5hours = £0.95
  • Total cost = £10.95


This can save you hundreds of pounds, as the excess fee for insurance can be quite steep. For example, you may have £1,500 worth of damage caused to your vehicle with an excess fee of £500. Rather than stressing about these costs, you can simply sign-up for Parking Peace of Mind and not have to worry!


*Up to £1,000



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