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How To Change The Vehicle On A Booking? (iOS/Android)

You can easily change your vehicle if your booking hasn't started. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  1. Sign in on the JustPark app
  2. Click on the top left corner and select 'My Bookings'
  3. Select the booking which you want to change the vehicle to be parked, as shown below.
  4. After selecting the booking, scroll down until you see the subheading 'Vehicle' and click 'Change'.

Screenshot_20180815-144639.png Screen_Shot_2018-08-17_at_16.17.21.png  2__1_.jpg


Note: If you have a booking with us at a local council car park, we cannot change the vehicle with a booking once 5 minutes of a booking has elapsed. If more than 5 minutes of your booking has passed, just make a new booking for the correct vehicle and contact us on to request a refund of the booking with the incorrect vehicle registration.

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