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How to list your space as free (NHS Parking)

Before you list your space for free, we recommend reading our article below which will give you top tips on how to be an amazing space owner.

How can I be a great space owner? 

In a few simple steps, you'll be able to list your current space for NHS workers and patients for free. The instructions below explain how to make the change. Please make sure you're already logged in to your account before continuing. 
  • While logged in to your account, please navigate to "manage my spaces".
  • Choose the option to "edit listing". On this page, you'll see a green banner at the top and a box that you can tick.
  • Ticking this box will set your listing to show up as free for NHS workers and patients that need to book parking.  


You'll notice that the pricing on your "edit listing" page will not change, as we're not adjusting your pricing. Instead, we're making it possible for your listing to show up as free by ticking the box. When drivers search for a space it will show up as free for them to book. This is also to make sure you have the original settings and pricing for your listing when you decide to remove the NHS option. 
If you have any questions please contact and we can assist you further with this. 
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