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What is JustPark and Vote?


At JustPark, we believe that there should be as few obstacles as possible when it comes to casting your vote. As a result, we are offering all of our customers 30 minutes FREE parking on December 12th – our way of removing any mobility-related barriers to your democratic rights.

Our ‘JustVote’ promotion allows you to find your polling station with ease AND the nearest parking space to your polling station… which will be completely free for you to use. 

You can redeem your 30 minutes free parking here

Frequently Asked Questions for Drivers

Drivers Space Owners

Why is JustPark doing this?

Traditionally, turnout in the winter elections is significantly less due to the lovely weather we have here in the UK at this time of year. JustPark is proud to support our right to vote and want to enable as many people to do this as possible by letting our customers use our network of spaces 

Why can't I find any locations in my constituency?

JustPark is utilising its network of driveway parking spaces for this promotion, unfortunately, this will not be available at conventional car parks. If a space is not available near your polling station, it might be due to someone reserving this in advance

What time will the JustPark and Vote promotion be available?

You can make bookings between 7 am and 10:30 pm on the 12th of December

Is there a maximum discount amount?

Yes, you can get a maximum of 30 minutes free parking, up to the value of £3

What happens if I change the time when I go to book my session?

If you change the date on the check-out page, the promotion will not apply and the full charge stated will be applicable

Any other Questions? Pop on Live Chat with us and we would be glad to help!

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