Your Received Bookings

Why didn't I get a SMS notification about my booking?

Space owners will only receive an SMS notification about a new booking they have received if the following conditions are true:

  • If you have less than 5 parking spaces
  • If your mobile number is verified
  • If you have opted into the service
  • If the booking in question is due to start in less than 7 days and has been made before 12pm of the day prior to parking

If the booking has been made on the same day of parking, e.g. 10 minutes before the parking session begins, no SMS is sent. The same applies if the booking is made after 12pm the day before it's due to start.

You can manage the ways you get notifications from JustPark in your communication settings. 


You will always receive an email notification for an upcoming booking so consider enabling email notifications on your smartphone (if not already enabled) to keep an eye on those incoming bookings! To change your communication settings, click here.

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