Can I have different prices on different days?

It's not possible at the moment to set different prices for different days of the week.

The good news is you can do this manually if you'd like to charge more or less on specific dates.

To set special prices for particular days:
1. Contact JustPark to remove 'Instant Bookings' capabilities off your listing and change it to enquiry only. This means drivers need to submit an enquiry before a booking is confirmed, allowing you to adjust the price the driver is asked to pay.
2. Provide clear details of prices in your listing description.
3. Edit the prices you set for your space per hour or day.

To adjust your prices after you receive a booking enquiry:
1. Open the enquiry message.
2. Click 'change price'.
3. Enter the amount you want the driver to pay, and accept the booking. The driver will then be invited to pay the agreed amount.

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