Is it free to sign up and list my space?

Listing your space

It's free to sign up and list your space with JustPark, and it always will be!

You can choose your listing prices per hour, day, week or month.

Fees for successfully renting out your parking space

We charge two sets of fees. The fees below we charge to the space owner for each transaction. In addition, we charge the drivers a fee on top of the price you set your parking at. 

To cover the cost of processing your payment, we charge those who earn money through renting out parking spaces a small fee for each booking they receive. The amount is 3% of the amount you receive.

For example, if you want to receive £10 for booking, there would be a 30p fee. You would receive £9.70.

For longer bookings (over two months) we deduct 20% from your first month's payment. Beyond that, the fee reverts back to the regular 3%. 

 Booking type Owner fee
Short-term bookings (< 2 months) 3%
Long-term bookings (> 2 months) 20% on the first month's payment, 3% thereafter


Example owner fees

  Owner rates Owner receives (fees deducted)
Day booking £10 per day £9.70
Year booking £100 per month

£80 in the first month

£97 per month 2nd month onwards

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