Can I rent out my space if it requires a permit, fob or key?

You can absolutely rent out your space if it requires a permit, fob or key. We just need to make sure your listing is set up correctly so that there are no issues for the driver.

1. When we approve your listing, it will be set on enquiry only. That means that drivers will need to contact you beforehand for you to approve a booking enquiry. This will also give you an opportunity to give them any specific instructions your space requires.

2. Explain clearly how the driver should get hold of the permit, fob or key in the 'Additional instructions' part of your listing. Do know that JustPark does not take any responsibility for any aspects of the exchange of fobs/permits/remotes etc. Any deposits or loss of the entry methods will need to be done between yourself and the driver.

3. Keep an eye on the messages in your JustPark account and respond quickly if a driver asks you a question about access.

4. Make sure you have an up-to-date mobile number associated with your JustPark account.

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