How can I be a great space owner?

If a driver has a great experience parking at your space, they'll come back for more! There are a few things you can do to make sure the driver has a 5* experience:

1. Create a brilliant listing
Make sure your listing description and additional instructions are crystal clear, and upload a couple of photos. This will help the driver have a seamless parking experience. Click here for more tips

2. Respond quickly to messages
Our drivers really appreciate good communication from space owners. If they're waiting for a reply from you, chances are they'll book a space elsewhere. We expect space owners to reply within 48hours. 

3. Keep your calendar up to date
If you're going on holiday or expecting guests at the weekend, remember to update your availability by adding or removing parking spaces for those specific dates.

4. Say 'Hi' to the driver if you see them
This is definitely optional! But, if you happen to be around when the driver arrives at your space, there's no harm in giving them a friendly wave.

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