How do I list my space?

It's free to list your space with JustPark, and it only takes a few minutes.

1. Tell us about your space
On our Add a listing page, enter your address and a short description of your space.

2. Choose your price
We don't take a commission - the price you set per hour, day, week or month will always be the amount we pay you when someone books your space. Not sure what to charge? Take our rental price guide tool for a spin.

3. Additional instructions
This is where you'll provide any specific instructions that will help the driver find or access your space. For example:

  • The code for a security gate
  • The number of your allocated space if it's in a car park
  • How the driver would get hold of a key fob or permit if required

4. Add photos of your space
Spaces with photos receive up to 3x as many bookings! Please add at least one close-up of your space and one from the approach to help drivers find your space on the day.

5. Set availability
So your space is available for drivers to book on some days but not others? No problem - you can set these limitations automatically. Read more about how to do this <here>.

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