How do I list my space?

It's free to list your space with JustPark, and it only takes a few minutes. You can list your space on your computer or you can download our app and create your listing from there.

Before you list your space, we recommend you read these two great articles as they'll give you top tips on how to be an amazing space owner and how to generate interest in your space!

Web App
  1. Log into your account 
  2. Select Rent out your space
  3. Add your address
  4. Drop a pin on your space on Google Maps – this can be a bit fiddly but, it's important that it's accurate so drivers can find your space
  5. Find your space on Google Maps Street view – pro tip: use the arrows to navigate around the screen
  6. You'll then be asked a series of questions about your space
    1. What type of parking do you have?
    2. How many spaces do you have for rent?
    3. Access information
    4. About your space and local area
    5. Access instructions
    6. What features does your location offer? CCTV etc…
    7. Pricing
    8. Your mobile number
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