How can I increase interest in my listing?

Not getting enough bookings? There are lots of things you can do to help your space get the interest it deserves:

1. Add a photograph of your space
Listings with photos receive on average 3x more bookings than those without. It's good to include one close-up and one from the approach, so the driver knows where they're going.

2. Price your space competitively
Search for your postcode on our site, order the results by distance, and check your prices against the space closest to you.

3. Remove 'minimum booking price'
Most bookings made with JustPark are short-term. If you're set a minimum rental price, your space isn't available to the majority of drivers looking for parking with JustPark.

4. Reply to messages promptly
Drivers really appreciate good communication. When space owners reply to messages within 24 hours, we give their listing a higher position in the search results.

5. Avoid cancelling bookings
Cancelled bookings can cause serious inconvenience to drivers. If a space owner cancels bookings repeatedly, we move their listing to a lower position in the search results.

6. Try asking for reviews
Having a few good reviews encourages drivers to book your space. We send an automatic email to drivers asking them to review the space, but feel free to send them a message asking them nicely if they could post a quick comment to help you out!

Want specific advice about your listing? Please don't hesitate to get in touch, and we'll be happy to take a look!

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