Transactions & Payments

How is the daily, weekly and monthly price calculated?

Drivers are charged the hourly rate for your space until the booking value = the daily rate. At that point, the price is capped at your daily rate. The same applies to weekly and monthly rates.

For example: your space costs £1 per hour and £10 per day, and a driver books for 11 hours, they will be charged £10.

Even if a driver has paid the daily rate, they will still need to vacate your space at the time specified in their booking. If they overstay, they will be charged in accordance with our Overstay Policy.

Remember JustPark days start and end at 5am and our calendar months are calculated on the basis of 28 days a month, 4 weeks per month. As such, if your space is £5 per day, your monthly rate would be £140. If your space is £30 per week, your monthly rate would be £120.

Remember JustPark days start and end at 5am.

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