Cancellations & Refunds

When would I be eligible for a refund?

There are two scenarios where you could be eligible for a refund:

1. Before the booking

If you cancel before your booking is due to start, you will always be refunded in accordance with our cancellation policy. Make sure you check this before booking so that you don't get caught out. The amount of refund you receive will depend on the length of your booking and how far in advance you cancel.

2. After the booking

You'll always be covered by our Driver Protection Guarantee. If you couldn't park for any of the following reasons, you will be eligible for a full refund:

  • The description was seriously inaccurate
  • The space was being rented out illegally
  • You had to park elsewhere as the space owner was unavailable
  • There was no room for your vehicle (please send us photos if possible)
  • The space didn't exist (we will check the booking history of this space to see whether other drivers have had similar problems)
  • Our extenuating circumstances are covered in our cancellation policy.

Please let us know as soon as you can - preferably no later than 48 hours after the booking was due to start - and include any information, photos or documentation to help demonstrate why you couldn't park and what the outcome was. We hold all funds for 48 hours before releasing them to the space owner so that we can quickly process a refund if necessary.

Get in touch with us by emailing if any of these reasons apply to you.

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