Cancellations & Refunds

How do I cancel my upcoming booking?

To cancel a booking, head to your Bookings and click 'More' on the one you want to cancel, then select 'cancel booking'. Please do this as soon as possible so that we can free up the space for other drivers.

As we review all cancellations, it can take 3-4 working days until you receive your refund. Rest assured we'll get to it as quickly as we can.

For pre-booked parking, the amount we can refund you will depend on the length of your booking and how far in advance you make the cancellation request. For drive-up payments made on the spot in car parks, there is a no refund policy as the parking session is already underway.

If you're seeking a refund after the booking finished because something went wrong, please see our article on requesting a refund.

Bookings that are cancelled are refunded in line with our Cancellation Policy. The image below provides a useful guide for how this works. 



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