I have a problem with the parking space I've booked

If you have found a problem with the parking space you have booked, the JustPark app will provide some options for you.


Firstly, click towards the top left corner of the screen and select 'My Bookings'.  


Here, you should be presented with all your future bookings. Select the one which you have a problem with.


Once you have done so, scroll until you see the 'Get Help' subheading. You will be provided with a few options for your problem.


This page will also include information on the parking space and details of the space owner.

On the screen above, you can find contact lines for both JustPark and the space owner themselves.


We recommend contacting the space owner first, should you face any problems.

However, you are also able to directly call or message JustPark by selecting the 'Customer Support' option, and we can certainly advise you on the issue you're having. 


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