I have a parking space - how can I rent it out?

Once you have signed into the JustPark app, click on the top left corner of the screen so that you are on the page shown below.

Select the option 'Rent out your space'.



You should now be on the page shown below. Simply scroll down the screen and fill out all of the required details about your parking space. 

This will include information about yourself, access instructions, a description of the surroundings and the pricing.


Please keep in mind that JustPark set a recommended price for your space, however you may adjust this at a later date.



Finally, you will be given the option to add photos of your parking space. This helps to give some familiarity to the driver and increases your chances of your parking space being rented.

Here, you should also add your bank details and update your parking space availability.


Someone from our team will review your space, after which it will be live for drivers to book.

If you would like to amend your listing price, description or features, this needs to be done at the JustPark website: JustPark.com.

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