How do I change the dates and times of my booking? (iOS)

Firstly, when you sign into the JustPark app click on the top left corner of the screen to open this page, then select 'My Bookings'. 


Select the booking on which you would like to amend the dates and/or times for parking.


Once you have done this, scroll down the page until you find the options to 'Extend Booking' and 'Book Again'. If you wish to prolong the time of your booking only, select 'Extend'.


As shown below, input the dates and times you wish to extend your parking. This can be done after you have already parked.

Make any extra payment required for the added time.


However, if you wish to change your arrival and departure date and times, select the option 'Book Again' on your selected booking.

Here, you will be able to edit the dates and times for your parking, and add any required payment.



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