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What is expected of me as a Fleet Driver?

Be kind and courteous to the Host
We don’t expect you to need to regularly speak to the Host, but if you ever do please be courteous and polite. 


Park considerately
We ask that you park considerately and don’t obstruct any other nearby parking spaces or in a way that could cause damage to the property.


Keep the space clean and tidy
We don’t expect you to power clean the space every time you use it, but please don’t leave any litter behind and put the charging cable back into the plug holder after using it.

Be considerate of noise levels
Sometimes you might need to collect your vehicle very early, or arrive to charge late at night. If you do, please just keep noise to a minimum and be considerate of those at home.


Remember you’re at someone’s home
Keep this in mind whenever you’re at the property and only use your space for parking and charging.


If you need more help please contact the EV support team on or 020 3960 5084.

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