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What do I do if I arrive at the charger and it’s broken?

In the unlikely event you arrive at your FleetCharge space and the charger isn’t working we want to get you charging as soon as possible. We recommend the following steps:

1. Carry out the troubleshooting steps for your charger to see if you’re able to resolve the issue, these can be found on the Wallbox Academy.
2. If you’re unable to fix the issue please check the JustCharge network to find a nearby available charger.
3. If there is nothing suitable on our network we recommend using Zap-Map to find an alternative charger.
4. Once you’ve found an alternative location to charge your vehicle please get in touch with us on to let us know about the issue you’ve had.

We’ll then report the problem and arrange a repair. We’ll keep you in the loop on the repair work and ensure you know when you can get back to charging normally.


If you need more help please contact the EV support team on or 020 3960 5084.

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