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Transaction Fee

Why is JustPark charging a Transaction Fee?

We charge a transaction fee to help with the cost of running the platform and providing customer service for your booking.


Everything you need to know about the Transaction Fee:

  • 49p for booking under 2 hours
  • 99p for booking 2 hours or more
  • Is only ever taken once per booking



  • Why are we charging a transaction fee? 

This helps us cover the cost of running the platform and provide service for your booking. 

  • Why am I paying a transaction fee when I already pay a service fee?

The service fee helps us find great spaces for you. The transaction fee is to ensure we can provide all the services you  

need relating to your booking. 

  • Is VAT applied to the transaction fee and is it claimable? 

Yes your receipt features a VAT breakdown and can be claimed back 

  • Will it be refunded if my booking is cancelled? 

If you cancel your booking, it will be subject to our cancellation policy

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