Why can’t you appeal my Parking Charge Notice?

At JustPark we aim to make parking stress-free. Receiving a Parking Charge Notice takes away from that feeling, so we will always do our best to review whether we can appeal your Parking Charge Notice on your behalf. JustPark is not responsible for the parking enforcement policy on the site so may not be able to help with your appeal.

JustPark will be able to assist if your Parking Charge Notice meets the following criteria:

  • Your JustPark-booking was made using the correct vehicle registration of the vehicle that you parked with.
  • You parked at the correct location and correct bay (if applicable).
  • You parked within the booking times that you booked.
  • The Parking Charge Notice is not issued by a Local Authority.
  • You did not park on a private driveway.
  • The enforcement agency that issued you the Parking Charge Notice is one that accepts appeals from us.


You received an email from us saying we cannot appeal your Parking Charge Notice.

We are sure you were hoping for a different answer. We will review a Parking Charge Notice according to the criteria outlined above. The email you have received will contain the reason why we cannot appeal on your behalf. Where JustPark is unable to assist with your appeal, you will have to appeal directly to the enforcement agency.

The Parking Charge Notice will contain instructions on how you can appeal with them directly.


Please note: If you received a Parking Charge Notice for a booking at a private driveway, we would recommend you contact the space owner directly and inform them of this. You can find their phone number in the booking confirmation.

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