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Car Clubs - What are Car Clubs?

Car Clubs (AKA Car Sharing) are short-term car rental services that allow access to locally parked cars, which can be rented hourly or daily and can be unlocked via an app.


What does JustPark have to do with Car Clubs?

JustPark is working closely with Car Clubs to help distribute cars evenly across the UK so that as many people as possible can have easy, local access to a car whenever they need one. 

Car clubs are using JustPark to source long-term parking spaces. Cars are rented from JustPark spaces and then dropped back in the same space at the end of the rental.


You may have more questions regarding Car Clubs. Please find the answer to most questions below.



A Car Club rented my space. So what’s in it for me?

Just like with any monthly booking, you’re now earning a guaranteed stable monthly income. You can also enjoy the added security of renting to a company. 


As an added bonus, you’ll even be able to use the Car Club’s app or website to hire the vehicle parked right in front of your home - you can use the code we sent you in your welcome email for an exclusive discount.  

Didn’t get an email? Let us know, click here.


How is this different from a normal booking? 

Think of your space as a sort of “basecamp” for the rental car. A range of Car Club customers will rent the car, picking it up from your space at various times. They then drop the car back to your space when the rental is over. 

From time to time, the Car Club will send someone to visit the car for cleaning and maintenance so that it looks and runs great.


So, what do I need to do differently?

Nothing! You can treat this as a regular JustPark booking.


What do I do if a driver has parked badly?

The best course of action is to contact the Car Club via the JustPark app - they are listed as the “driver”. They will then be able to resolve the issue.


To prevent this from happening, we strongly recommend that you keep your access instructions up to date. The more clear and accurate the instructions are, the easier it will be for the driver. Click here to update your access instructions, look for the 'Edit listing' button. 


The Car Club doesn’t receive notifications of changes to your access instructions. It’s important that you notify them of any changes so that they can pass the new information on to their customers.


The booking has already started. Why is my space still empty?

Occasionally there are delays when moving cars into spaces. In this case, your space could be left empty for several days or even weeks. Don’t worry though - the Car Club is still paying for the space for as long as the booking is still active and you’ll still be paid the full amount for any empty days. 


Please don’t be tempted to use (or allow anyone else to use) the space in the meantime as the car could still arrive at any time.


Can I use my space whilst the car is out for rental?

No. Please ensure that the space is kept available 24/7 exclusively for the Car Club as the driver of the car could return at any time. If they’re not able to park in the space, this causes a lot of issues for all parties involved. 

This could result in the booking being cancelled and a refund in line with our terms and conditions.


My space isn’t fully available long term. What should I do? 

If you occasionally need a space for visitors but don’t want to cancel this booking, why not use JustPark to book something else nearby? Click here to find a convenient space.


If there’s nothing else available nearby or you just want to use your own space, you’ll need to cancel the Car Club booking and update your space’s availability here


Who do I contact in case of any other issues with the car? 

You can get in touch with the owner of the car via the JustPark app - they are listed as the “driver”.

If you need to get in touch with JustPark about the booking, you can contact us via our chatbot Parky here, or by sending in the details here.


What kind of car will it be, and what will it look like?

A range of different cars from a few different companies could be in your driveway. In general, the cars are small-medium sized city cars less than 2 years old and are kept very clean. Some cars are branded with the company’s logo.


Occasionally, Car Clubs move cars between spaces so there’s a chance that the car may change from time to time. When this happens the car club will update the vehicle reg number on the booking - no other details will be affected.

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