How to Purchase a Multi-Use Ticket for Cornwall Council Car Parks?

To purchase a multi-use ticket for use in a Cornwall Council car park(s), follow this link:

If you don't have an account with JustPark already, you'll be asked to create one - it should only take a minute! 



  1. Select ‘Multi Use’ in the ‘Ticket Type’ drop down
  2. Select whether you would like a multi use ticket for a single location or for a zone (where a group of car parks in a single town can be purchased) in the 'Batch purchase type' box
  3. Select the individual car park required, or the group of car parks from the 'Location' box.
  4. Select the number of parking sessions. There is a minimum spend of £47. The price that you will be required to pay will pop up.



       5. Add payment details.

       6. Click ‘Pay’.



We would also suggest following the link to give the terms and conditions a quick read as upon payment, you are agreeing to accept the terms and conditions for what you are purchasing.


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