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Dacia & JustPark Promotion

Dacia x JustPark Promotion - Customer Q&A


When is the offer valid?

This offer is valid on a first-come-first-served basis to the first 500 customers from 00:01 on Friday 3rd May 2024 until 23:59 on Monday 6th May 2024. All fixed-term pre-booked parking sessions must be reserved during this window.


How will I get my credit?

When you make a fixed-term pre-booking on JustPark during the promotion period*, the discount of up to £20 will be automatically applied to your account.


This applies only to the first 500 customers who click through the specific promotion found at and either sign up for a new account or log into an existing account.


*This offer is valid from 00:01 on Friday 3rd May 2024 until 23:59 on Monday 6th May

2024, and all fixed-term pre-booked parking sessions must be reserved during this



When will I get the credit?

The credit will be applied immediately to your JustPark account when you make a pre-booking for a parking session during the promotional period, which is from 00:01 on Friday, May 3, 2024, until 23:59 on Monday, May 6, 2024. This credit is only applicable for the first 500 customers who book through the promotional link.


Is it only pre-book? What about drive up?

Yes, this promotion is only applicable for pre-booked parking sessions. The discount cannot be used for drive-up parking sessions at any of JustPark’s locations. You must book your parking session in advance through the JustPark website or app.


What is the maximum discount I can receive?

The maximum discount you can receive during this promotion is up to £20. This amount will be applied as a credit towards the cost of one fixed-term pre-booked parking session on the JustPark platform. If your parking fee is less than £20, the unused portion of the discount will not be available for future use.


What if my parking costs more than £20

We have identified £20 as a reasonable discount for a full day’s parking and therefore have capped the cost at £20 to allow as many customers as possible to participate in this promotion over the Bank Holiday weekend. 


How many times can I use the discount over the weekend?

This discount is valid for a single fixed-term pre-booked parking session and cannot be applied to any other non-parking purchases or transaction fees. 

What happens if my parking is less than £20, will the credit be rolled over? 

The discount must be used in one go; if the parking session cost is less than the discount, the remaining value will not roll over to future bookings.


Can the discount be used at any JustPark location?

The promotional discount can be used at most JustPark pre-book locations, except for parking at Snowdonia National Park. It's important to check the JustPark website for any other specific location exclusions that may apply.


What happens if the promotional discount has already been claimed by 500 customers?

Once 500 customers have claimed the discount, the promotion will no longer be available. It's therefore best to book early during the promotional period to ensure you can benefit from the offer. If you are unsure whether the discount is still available, you may contact JustPark customer support for confirmation.


How can I confirm that the discount was applied to my booking?

You can confirm that the discount has been applied by reviewing the booking summary on your JustPark account. After you complete your booking, the discount should be reflected in the total cost shown. If the discount does not appear, you should contact JustPark customer service for assistance.


Are there any restrictions on the type of parking spots where the discount can be applied?

The discount can be applied to any type of pre-booked parking spot available through JustPark, unless specifically excluded in the promotional terms. This includes both short-term and long-term parking spaces, as long as they are booked within the promotional period.


Can I cancel or modify my booking once it's made with the promotional discount

Cancellations or modifications to your booking after using the promotional discount are subject to JustPark's standard cancellation policy. It's important to review these terms, as making changes to your booking may affect the discount applied.


Is the promotion available on both the JustPark website and app?

Yes, the promotion is available through both the JustPark website and mobile app. You can access the promotional discount by logging into your account on either platform and proceeding with your fixed term pre-booking as usual.


What if I don’t get my credit? Who do I contact?

If you don’t see the discount applied to your booking, or if you have any questions regarding the promotion, you should contact JustPark. 


Dacia x JustPark  - Terms & Conditions

  • The offer entitles 500 customers to a discount of up to £20, to be used against the parking cost of one fixed-term pre-booking with JustPark. 
  • The offer is applied to JustPark customer accounts on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • This offer is valid from 00:01 on Friday 3rd May 2024 until 23:59 on Monday 6th May 2024, and all fixed-term pre-booked parking sessions must be reserved during this window.
  • To redeem, customers must click the link on the JustPark landing page ( and sign up for an account (or log in if they have an existing account), and the discount will be automatically applied to the first 500 customers who click.
  • The discount will not be applied to any non-parking purchase, including transaction fees. 
  • This discount cannot be used against payments made at any of JustPark’s drive-up locations.. 
  • This discount can only be redeemed once per customer for a single fixed-term pre-booked parking session. If the cost of the single pre-booked parking session is less than the discount amount, any remaining value will not roll over or be available for any subsequent parking bookings.
  • The discount is eligible to be used against a single fixed-term pre-booking, aside from bookings at the following location: Snowdonia National Park Parking.
  • This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts, offers or cashback. 
  • The offer is only redeemable on the JustPark website ( and app. 
  • JustPark reserves the right to reject the use of a promotional offer if there is reason to suspect these Terms have been breached. 
  • These Terms and Conditions are correct at the time of being uploaded but may be subject to change without notice. 
  • The offer is subject to JustPark’s full Terms and Conditions (

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