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I feel a review left about my space is unfair

It's really important that JustPark's feedback system remains credible, fair, unbiased and transparent. For this reason, we'll only remove reviews if they breach our guidelines. We may ask the driver to edit their review to better adhere to our guidelines, rather than delete fully. 

Grounds for deleting/amending a review include:

  • Harmful - Unnecessarily over the top comments in the review and especially if personal 
  • Hateful - Especially using hate speech 
  • Discriminatory - Words and phrases that stereotype individuals, groups, races, or nationalities and/or contain prejudice
  • Defamatory - Unjustly causing serious harm to someone’s reputation or serious financial loss to a business
  • Obscene - Contains swear words, or other language that is not appropriate 
  • Illegal - Contains anything that would be unlawful


If you would like to question a review, you can email the Space Owner Team on who will be happy to take a look for you. 
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