What should I do if I get a parking fine?

JustPark is simply a parking payment provider and thus we only provide payment services across the phone, application and our website. Whilst we do work closely with our clients, we are not the enforcers nor do we issue any PCNs on their behalf.

If you made a valid booking but you still received a PCN for the duration of your stay, please check the following:

  • Was I parked at the right location?
  • Was the booking at the correct time?  Whilst most enforcers have a grace period of around 10 minutes, either way, this is not set as a rule nor do they have to enforce it. 
  • Was the booking made using the correct vehicle registration number?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, please appeal using the information provided in the letter that you received either on your car or through your letterbox. Please note that this information may not be presented on the front of the ticket, but it may be at the back. JustPark cannot do this on your behalf. 

If you experienced any technical difficulties while making your booking, you may still be able to appeal. This would highly depend on the circumstances. Please make sure that you have documented your experience so you can include this with your appeal. The enforcer may contact JustPark in this situation to confirm whether there were any issues. 

Should you end up in a situation where the appeal has been rejected but you still believe that it has been issued incorrectly, then your last option would be to appeal directly to POPLA. They are an independent appeals service for PCNs reviewing whether the PCN was issued accordingly and whether the appeal services of the enforcer have been followed. Please note that you can only appeal here if the PCN was issued by a private enforcement agency. If your appeal has been issued by a local authority, you cannot make use of their services. 

For more information, please visit the following website: https://www.popla.co.uk/

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